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First Edition...

High quality professional 3M permanent adhesive vinyl, waterproof, high durable, non toxic.


7 Jedai inspired art pieces by various local artists.



Sticker Pack (local artists)

  • 1) ZhanShi Hotep - "Warrior of Peace" logo (Chinese/Arabic)

    Carry out (Paul Mcfarland Designs)

    2) "Dont be a waste..." slogan (Paul Mcfarland Designs)

    3) Jedai's Dreams (Paul Mcfarland Designs)

    4) Brothers - Comicbook Cover (Paul Mcfarland Designs)

    5) Jedi Knight epic drawing by (Clay Harris) (charcoal, pencil)

    6) Jedai anime drawing (Artist TBA)


    7) That Cool Jedai Sticker. (Large size)

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